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They blocked all Good and Interesting websites at work, so now it's a cup of coffee every afternoon and frantic free wi-fi in cold corners. THANKS STUPID OFFICE GIRL. The first rule of Using the Internet at Work Club is: don't use facebook in front of your boss. The second rule of Using the Internet at Work Club is: don't use facebook in front of your boss.

But if I am playing at silver linings, this is just one more step closer to my achievement of Total Adulthood! Serious work business at work, everything else after 5. Or... 8:30.... whatever, whatever.

Fuck but it smells like mold in this Starbucks. This is the sight of my wallet stealing, isn't that ironic! It was nearly a year ago, too.

Just before lunch I read Bible Camp Bloodbath, which is a pretty good little novella on the internet. It's by the dude that writes A Softer World and it's pretty bitchin. You can buy a copy of it or you can just read it for free. Thanks internet. It isn't that I don't like to support Fellow Artists, it's just that all my money goes towards 1. grad school, 2. library late fees, 3. coffee, 4. the goddamn rent.
Anyways, Bloodbaths. Chrriiiiist. I don't have any trouble with visual gore in the slightest; I am a fully desensitized American. But goddamn if reading a bit of gore doesn't get me all choked and perched upon the utter edge of my seat.

And! Christmas! I have begun to Bake. And I am getting out my strands of precious precious saffron to make


I thought I had a picture of ours but ohhhh it was on ye olde laptoppe.

Things are going well in general! I start my Official Thesis Hours next semester what the helllllllllll. And that's all she friggin' wrote!

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